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Meet the team

WeldingDroid first saw the light of day in 2019. It was the result of many years of intensive work on the first prototype, which aimed to make life easier for welders. It all began when Christian Olsen thought there had to be a better way to weld pipes.

Christian had spent many years in inappropriate and physically demanding working postures, and started thinking that there had to be a better way. He then spent three years programming and designing the automatic welding machine.

Christian needed someone who had the right network and the professionalism to take the project to the next level, and that’s when 3D designer Kevin Christensen came onto the scene. Together they set up WeldingDroid, and today they’re still the driving force in the company.

Dragons’ investment in WeldingDroid

If Christian and Kevin look familiar, it’s no wonder. The pair were on the Danish version of Dragons’ Den, where they pitched their WeldingDroid concept to the hungry dragons. They walked into Dragons’ Den, with high hopes, although their expectations were another matter. Even though the Dragons were not afraid to invest, they had never invested in such a technical and industry-specific product before.

Despite initial objections, the pair came away with investments from both Jacob Risgaard and Jesper Buch. With two such experienced men behind them, WeldingDroid was able to turbo-charge its development and focus on innovating its automatic welding machine.

Although Kevin and Christian are still the heart and soul of the company, since being on Dragon’s Den, they’ve now got some extra muscle behind them. This makes a big difference to the way they do business, and who knows what the future now holds for new and innovative machines from WeldingDroid.

Kevin Christensen


Rune Harbo

CDBO - co owner

Kenneth Jespersen

Production manager

Jonas Jepsen

Software engineer

Jesper Buch


Christian Legene


Henrik Østergaard


Matias Møl Dalsgaard


Jacob Risgaard


Behind the scenes

Behind WeldingDroid


“We are getting uniform weldings, so the machine is very convincing. Force has made several WPS on the machine.”

Jan Hedmann Jensen, Department manager WK-Holmskov A/S


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