Integration Machine

Works on all existing systems

The Integration machine, can easily be integrated with existing systems.
* Positioners
* Turntables
* Weld tables
* Rollers
So why not save money and use your existing system?
Can be custom build!

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Features and benefits

Easy and fast operation

  • Can weld virtually all piping above 4”/100mm.
  • Welding is 2-4 times faster than traditional welding with Argon.
  • Welding operation is as easy as it gets. Anybody can weld with the WeldingDroid Integration Machine
  • At the press on button the operation begins. No need for human interaction in the weld process.
Kevin Christensen,
Chief Technical Officer

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I am happy to assist if you have any questions or want to learn more about the benefits of WeldingDroid. 
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