The WeldingDroid Advantage

For many years welding pipes has been hard manual labour with awkward working positions for many hours every day. Introducing WeldingDroid, the newest innovation in welding automation, we use proprietary software to auto-generate perfect pipe, tube and tank welding every time. Integrating power source, wire feed and machine learning into our intuitive user interface we have eliminated cumbersome machine setup, allowing the operator to change pipe size in seconds. 

  • Increased productivity with 3-6 times faster weldings. A stainless Ø406×3 is welded in less than 6 minutes, including 10mm overlap. A stainless Ø960×2 is welded in 13 minutes, including a 10mm overlap. 
  • Skilled workforce is not tied up in low profit operations but can do more profitable work 
  • No need for corrections of welding errors, the WeldingDroid X1 has a consistent high welding quality 
  • Payback in less than 6 month. 
  • Get the high productivity of the WeldingDroid X1 with little down payment. As service WeldingDroid also offers different lease plans (depending on country).
WeldingDroid X1 WeldingDroid X1

Anybody can weld perfect pipes! Since its introduction the WeldingDroid X1 has redefined pipe welding across the industries, by making welding easier, faster and less stressful for the welder. The WeldingDroid X1 dramatically improves operational efficiency, optimises the level of quality and consistency of the welds and enables the operator to make substantial savings on every weld.  

  • Welding is 3-6 times faster than traditional welding with Argon.
  • Welding operation is as easy as it gets. Anybody can weld with the WeldingDroid X1.
  • Ø100-1000mm.
  • All weld data is collected and stored in the DroidHub documentation database.
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WeldingDroid  Purgemaster WeldingDroid Purgemaster

One of the time consuming and expensive operations when welding pipes, is the purging. To ensure that no oxidation occurs on the inside of the pipes mostly a purging with gas is made. This fills the pipe with gas and the pipe is continuously flushed during welding. Imagine that you could just apply gas where the welding takes place, and that the gas inside the pipe follows the torch on the outside of the pipe. Sounds impossible, but it is not thanks to WeldingDroids patented Purgemaster system.   

  • Available for all pipe sizes.
  • The gas consumption is reduced by 90-95% depending on diameter and length of pipe.
  • Avoid long flush times and uncertainty of the ppm level during the weld.
  • WeldingDroid offers a complete package ready to use for pipe applications.
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