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WeldingDroid has further developed on a welding method that is already known in the industry. Tig welding of cylindrical shaped items.
The new thing about our machines is the technology. Today, there are unimaginable possibilities with technology, and it is actually only the imagination that sets the limits. This also means that we have the opportunities, and the abilities, to be able to make machines that not only weld in record time, but also weld so precisely and accurately that they will at all times go through an NDT (Non Destructing Testing).
DATA COLLECTION for full traceability:
Since our remote control is wireless, and connected to wifi and sms, all welding data will be automatically collected after each welding. This data is of course freely available to customers, so you always have control over your welding times and not least your data.

Facts: Weld a Ø400 X 3mm SS pipe in only 6 minutes

Selected industries:
District Heating – Food – Biogas – Offshore – Drinking / Wastewater – Pharma

Industry 4.0

Intelligent software

Machine learning

Pipes and tanks 100 – 3000mm in Diameter


Remote assistance


Why choose WeldingDroid

3d Camera

All welding data is collected

AVC – automatic height adjustment

Control gas consumption

Industry 4.0

Intelligent software

Machine learning

Optional welding machine


Pipes and tanks 100 – 3000mm in Diameter

Remote assistance

Save/Load programs

Super simple to operate

Welding data integration


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